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Lawyer Nicholas Hicks Explains the Benefits of Divorce Mediation

According to Nicholas Hicks, it’s possible to skip litigation and make your divorce process simpler.

If you are starting a divorce, you already know that the process is not simple and straightforward. When a marriage has reached its end, parties must decide how their debts and assets should be split. Another big topic is determining who will have primary custody over the children. However, lawyer Nicholas Hicks notes that some divorce strategies are better than others.

For those couples who are on good terms and would like to avoid litigation, lawyer Nicholas Hicks recommends seeking divorce mediation. The process allows the pair to talk about achievable outcomes and negotiate things like spousal support, child support, equitable distribution and more in a controlled environment. It can make divorce seem more manageable and less overwhelming.

Lawyer Nicholas Hicks explains that divorce mediation is intended to be a faster, more relaxed process for handling divorce. Many people don’t even realize it’s an option until they ask their attorney about alternative methods for dispute resolution. Some couples already know precisely what they want, while others need to be guided through the decision making process. Either way, the divorce mediator will be there for support.

One of the biggest perks to divorce mediation is its flexibility. Lawyer Nicholas Hicks explains that some parties are ready to talk together right away. Others may want to meet individually with the mediator to build trust and rapport before the full mediation sessions begin. Preliminary planning can help many feel more confident about what they want out of the negotiation. Plus, couples have more flexibility in the outcome, as there is no need for the courts to take control and implement outside orders.

Lawyer Nicholas Hicks notes that the beauty in these sessions is that they can be as straightforward or emotional as the couple desires. Sometimes deeply rooted problems can come to the surface, and meaningful conversations can be had. Other times, divorce mediation can quickly address the main concerns of child custody, alimony, and divorce grounds according to the rules of New York law.

No matter which route you choose, just know that you are in charge of creating a divorce mediation experience that works for you. However, the more information your divorce mediator has about your situation, the better they can help you plan for the future. Don’t be surprised if, after the session, you find yourself thinking about things differently or feel a change of heart on various issues. Instead of being pushed apart in the court system, the couple must come together despite their differences to make the most moving forward.

If you have any questions, please contact your legal attorney for help in your specific case.

About Lawyer Nicholas Hicks:

Nicholas Hicks was rescued from NYC foster care as a child at the age of 5 years old. Lawyer Nicholas Hicks attended both public and private schools where he eventually graduated from ECC, UB & UB Law School. He specializes in various areas of practice, including injury cases, debt elimination, criminal defense, divorce, child support, child custody, and more.

Nicholas Hicks

Avoid Bankruptcy with Four Tips from Attorney Nicholas Hicks

Many Americans struggle with debt, but according to attorney Nicholas Hicks, bankruptcy doesn’t have to be your only option.

When people think of bankruptcy, they often assume it’s from overspending. Nicholas Hicks, an attorney specializing in debt relief, explains that, more often than not, debt is actually the result of uncontrollable circumstances. Research has found that medical bills are surprisingly the number one cause of personal bankruptcies. Additionally, families must manage credit card debt, student loan debt, and a mortgage. 

Filing for bankruptcy comes with severe consequences for your credit score, and can even result in the loss of property. Attorney Nicholas Hicks notes that it should only be used as a last resort. He offers four tips to help you avoid bankruptcy and get on the right path. 

  1. Cut Expenses

Your first goal should be to make a budget and eliminate unnecessary spending. Attorney Nicholas Hicks notes that the process will require making sacrifices such as cutting out entertainment, unnecessary clothing, eating out, and more. Put aside as much as possible to use towards paying down your debts. 

It may also be wise to downsize into a smaller home and find more affordable transportation options. If you are struggling to pinch pennies, Nicholas Hicks recommends reaching out to a credit counselor for help with making a budget.

  1. Negotiate with Creditors

It is not wise to avoid contacting your creditors. As soon as you realize your monthly payment obligations are no longer possible, see if your creditors can make adjustments by reducing interest rates, changing payment terms, or reducing fees. Attorney Nicholas Hicks notes that creditors would rather have small payments than no payments at all, however don’t expect them to negotiate twice. 

  1. Avoid Debt Consolidation 

At first glance, a debt consolidation loan sounds like a dream come true. All of your debts are combined and paid with one monthly payment. Attorney Nicholas Hicks tells his clients to be wary of these loans, however. Over time, you’re more likely to pay higher interest rates and accumulate more fees, which adds to your problem. Plus, you risk losing your home if you borrow against it to consolidate debts.

  1. Consider Debt Management Services 

If you are not able to sort everything out on your own, it may be wise to seek debt management services offered by non-profit organizations. Attorney Nicholas Hicks notes that this is not the same as debt settlement services, which are provided by for-profit companies and should be avoided at all costs. Debt settlement services have been proven to not give the clients any significant relief from debt, and instead can contribute to their burdens. 

Attorney Nicholas Hicks,  in some cases, recommends debt management services instead of bankruptcy  because agencies negotiate with creditors on your behalf and distribute your payments for you. Plus, their fees tend to be much lower at around $25 per month. Most non-profits will not turn you away for not being able to pay, so always seek professional help if you need it. 

It’s essential to keep in mind that every person’s situation is entirely different. Some methods that may work for you won’t work as well for others. Attorney Nicholas Hicks suggests thoroughly considering all options before deciding on a debt management plan. 

About Lawyer Nicholas Hicks:

Nicholas Hicks was rescued from NYC foster care as a child at the age of 5 years old. Lawyer Nicholas Hicks attended both public and private schools where he eventually graduated from ECC, UB & UB Law School. He specializes in various areas of practice, including injury cases, debt elimination, criminal defense, divorce, child support, child custody, and more.

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Attorney Nicholas Hicks Addresses New Immigration Driving Law in NY

According to attorney Nicholas Hicks, lawmakers are making progress for the rights of immigrants in the state of New York.

 It is widely believed that many accomplishments were made by lawmakers in New York last year surrounding immigration policy. Attorney Nicholas Hicks notes that one group, in particular, a progressive organization backed by various business groups, wants to make sure that those accomplishments will actually be followed through. The two new measures are very progressive, marking a turning point for the rights of non-citizens.

The first measure allows undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver's license legally. The "Green Light Law" now accepts foreign passports and foreign driver's licenses as forms of identification. According to Attorney Nicholas Hicks, applicants won't have to worry about their information leaking to immigration agencies without a court order. Now, undocumented migrants can live and work in New York without fear of being deported.

Supporters believe the new law will make roads safer and make the economy stronger. Previously when undocumented immigrants got in accidents and fled the scene, it was often hard to identify them or hold them accountable because they were in hiding. The new law is hoping to change that.

Attorney Nicholas Hicks notes that some other people are concerned about the lack of training at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Workers have never had to accept foreign documents before and may be overwhelmed by all the new accepted forms. For now, undocumented individuals will have to go to the state office while the transition is made.

The second law that went into effect last year was the DREAM Act, which gives undocumented immigrants living in New York assistance with Tuition. Lawmakers want to help people living in New York reach their full potential, and one-day give back to the state. Attorney Nicholas Hicks explains that supporters feel the new laws on immigration reform will provide a clearer path to citizenship, and allow immigrants to earn their right to say.

Both measures have also received significant backlash, causing many groups to be concerned about the laws actually being put into effect. Attorney Nicholas Hicks explains that some people feel like it's wrong to give driver's licenses to thousands of immigrants who broke our laws by entering the country illegally. They argue that immigrants are being rewarded for unlawful behavior.

Additionally, by not allowing the information from licenses to be accessed by the state, it blocks DHS law enforcement officers from investigating serious crimes. People are worried it will open doors for human trafficking, gangs, drug smuggling, and terrorism. Building cases against undocumented immigrants who are bad people will be challenging and leave the state at risk for more criminal activity.

Attorney Nicholas Hicks explains that some state residents are also very unsettled about the tuition assistance program for undocumented immigrants. Many people are voicing their beliefs that native-born New York residents should be receiving those perks from their government after working and contributing to the economy for their entire lives.

In a time with so much controversy surrounding immigration policy, it will be interesting to see how the situation plays out in New York. Attorney Nicholas Hicks believes the topic will be followed closely by democrats and conservatives alike.

About Lawyer Nicholas Hicks:

Nicholas Hicks was rescued from NYC foster care as a child at the age of 5 years old. Lawyer Nicholas Hicks attended both public and private schools where he eventually graduated from ECC, UB & UB Law School. He specializes in various areas of practice, including injury cases, debt elimination, criminal defense, divorce, child support, child custody, and more.

Nicholas Hicks

NY is Concerned About Cash Bail Law, Says Nicholas Hicks

Attorney Nicholas Hicks covers the pros and cons of the new cash bail law in New York. 

A new law recently went into effect, creating a wave of concern among citizens in New York. Attorney Nicholas Hicks explains that legislation passed a new state law that removes cash bail for most misdemeanors and non-violent offenses. While Democrats believe the law protects the poor from unjust imprisonment, others say it opens the door to more danger and crime.

According to Attorney Nicholas Hicks, research was conducted which concluded that poor defendants, especially minorities, spent more time in jail compared to wealthier defendants who were accused of committing the same crimes. Now, New York judges will focus on offering the least restrictive options that will still encourage the accused to come back for their court appearances. People can be released on their own recognizance and courts can remind defendants of court appearances via text messages, emails, phone calls and regular mail.

Mayor Bill Blasio believes the new cash bail law should be amended so that judges can have more discretion when deciding if someone is actually safe to release. Although many positive reforms have been made, Attorney Nicholas Hicks states that some believe the new bail laws have gone too far. 

Even though the new bill recently went into effect, the release of so many persons has made some people very concerned. Attorney Nicholas Hicks explains that in just a few weeks, people accused of very serious crimes were released back to the streets. New York residents have reported feeling less safe in their neighborhoods and are scared these people will immediately repeat their alleged crimes.

Republicans believe the new law makes it seem like democrats are weak on convicting criminals. According to Attorney Nicholas Hicks, many people are asking Democrats to explain to the public how the law has made their lives better or safer. Councilman Joe Borelli of Staten Island is comparing New York’s system to New Jersey’s, saying they have a more responsible bail reform. Attorney Nicholas Hicks believes  that some New York residents will not lightly accept the appearance of New Jersey being more ‘sensible’ in their approach to bail reform.

Local law enforcement officials have felt crippled by the cash bail law and another recent measure that expedites the discovery process for evidence. According to Attorney Nicholas Hicks, New York law enforcement officials are now requesting increased funding, that they say, is necessary to comply with the new discovery laws as well.

More funding has already been given to pretrial services, a department in local government that will feel more of a burden with the new laws. Pretrial services manage defendants who must call in on a regular schedule to check-in and get information about their upcoming court hearings. Attorney Nicholas Hicks notes that this department also handles defendants who are assigned ankle monitors for house arrest.

Despite negative drawbacks, some still remain hopeful that the new laws will benefit society. Some people feel like the process was unfair, but is no longer. Many defendants can skip lengthy stays in jail while a backlog of criminal court cases are heard before them, spending more time being productive to society instead of draining resources locked up.

About Lawyer Nicholas Hicks:

Nicholas Hicks was rescued from NYC foster care at the age of 5 years old. Lawyer Nicholas Hicks attended both public and private schools where he eventually graduated from ECC, UB & UB Law School. He specializes in various areas of practice, including injury cases, debt elimination, criminal defense, divorce, child support, child custody, and more.

Nicholas Hicks

Nicholas Hicks Sheds Light on NY Plastic and Styrofoam Ban

Attorney Nicholas Hicks explains why the proposed plastic ban is good for the environment and bad for the restaurant industry. 

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed a ban on Styrofoam products that are commonly used in the restaurant industry as take-home containers. Attorney Nicholas Hicks says environmental groups are praising the ban both in and out of New York. Single-use plastics have been highly controversial due to their negative impacts on the environment. However, many restaurant owners are not on board with the proposed policy.

According to Melissa Fleischut, the President and CEO of the New York State Restaurant Association, there are already hundreds of regulations in place for restaurants to follow. Owners must carefully navigate through the lengthy requirements to stay in business. The proposed Styrofoam ban would be costly to restaurant owners who would need to invest in a new method.

“As we await the details, we’ll advocate for a hardship provision that protects restaurants from dramatic price increases that would negatively affect the feasibility of their operations – as some localities have already chosen to do,” said Melissa Fleischut.

The Democratic Governor’s proposal would also ban single-use materials like packing peanuts. Albany has pushed the environmental agenda for single-use plastics recently, as legislators believe their production contributes to climate change. Additionally, Attorney Nicholas Hicks notes that these plastic items sit in landfills forever, contributing to our waste disposal issues.

In developing countries, single-use plastics often make their way into our oceans and waterways. These items are known for killing animals, causing polluting chemicals, and generally making our world dirty. The plastic crisis has led the European Parliament to ban single-use plastic cutlery, cotton buds, straws, and drink stirrers to help combat the problem. Will New York officials made headway towards progress as well?

Attorney Nicholas Hicks explains that the proposed single-use plastic ban will go into effect in March of 2020. Although this is a step in the right direction, environmental groups have already identified loopholes in the regulations. Many fear the loopholes will provide little to no change in their area, despite the policy being deemed as progressive.

There are already lawmakers in New York that want to push the issue even further next year by banning plastic straws and utensils. Restaurant owners again fear for new hidden costs that could be looming around the corner. Fortunately, there is some time for restaurant owners to figure out their new plan of action before the ban goes into effect. Attorney Nicholas Hicks notes that there are now many alternatives available, including utensils made of bamboo and biodegradable takeout containers made of thick cardboard and paper. Some bowls and paper plates are also made out of bamboo.

About Lawyer Nicholas Hicks:

Nicholas Hicks was rescued from NYC foster care as a child at the age of 5 years old. Lawyer Nicholas Hicks attended both public and private schools where he eventually graduated from ECC, UB & UB Law School. He specializes in various areas of practice, including injury cases, debt elimination, criminal defense, divorce, child support, child custody, and more.


Nicholas Hicks

According to Nicholas Hicks, Ranzenhofer Plans to Retire in 2020

Attorney Nicholas Hicks of New York predicts an exciting election year as potential candidate’s line up to replace Ranzenhofer.

New York residents can expect a change in leadership as the third Republican state senator announces he will not run for reelection in 2020. After a decade in the New York Senate, Mike Ranzenhofer announced plans for retirement at the end of his current term. Attorney Nicholas W Hicks notes that Ranzenhofer was an attorney by trade, making him very knowledgeable about New York legislation. New candidates have big shoes to fill.

“It has been the highest privilege to represent the many communities of Western New York and I am proud of what we have accomplished together on behalf of residents,” Mike Ranzenhofer said in a statement.

According to attorney Nicholas Hicks of New York, Ranzenhofer was also the chair of the Senate Corporations Committee. He previously served on the Erie County Legislature before being successfully elected as a state legislator. His current district covers parts of Erie and Monroe Counties and all of Genesee County.

Despite the upcoming retirement, Attorney Nicholas W Hicks of New York says that Ranzenhofer plans to continue fighting for the residents in his 61st Senate District for the remainder of his term. He looks forward to spending more time with family once that term reaches its end. Ranzenhofer has received much support in this decision.

Attorney Nicholas Hicks notes that some potential Republican candidates are already being noticed. A candidate to keep tabs on is former state Assemblyman Ray Walter, who has expressed interest. His formal decision to be considered will come at a later date.

This wouldn’t be the first time Ray Walter has followed in Ranzenhofer’s shoes. Attorney Nicholas Hicks explains that Ray Walter previously took Mike Ranzenhofer’s seat as County Legislator. Plus, his former 146th Assembly overlaps with SD-61. However just last year, Walter lost against Democrat Karen McMahon.

Erin Baker, Erie GOP finance chair, is another potential candidate in the running. Attorney Nicholas Hicks notes that Baker is Walter’s former chief of staff. Erin Baker is also known as the wife of state Republican chairman Nick Langworthy.

More candidates are expected to surface before the position is filled. Attorney Nicholas Hicks believes the Republican party will most likely not hold a primary, but instead will fill the position internally. Warrant Country Republican, Betty Little, also announced her retirement last week, along with Senator George Amedore, who announced he does not plan to seek reelection.

Last election, the state Senate flipped from primarily Republican to Democratic-controlled. With new available positions comes a change in leadership and direction for the state of New York. Attorney Nicholas Hicks recommends all residents stay involved with local and state politics no matter who currently holds office.

About Lawyer Nicholas Hicks:

Nicholas W Hicks was rescued from NYC foster care at the age of 5 years old. Lawyer Nicholas W Hicks attended both public and private schools where he eventually graduated from ECC, UB & UB Law School. He specializes in various areas of practice including injury cases, debt elimination, criminal defense, divorce, child support, child custody, and more.

Nicholas Hicks

Lawyer Nicholas Hicks Breaks Down New York’s Siena Poll Results

According to Lawyer Nicholas Hicks, former Vice President Joe Biden leads Democratic Primary.

Results are released from the 2019 Siena Poll in New York. Lawyer Nicholas Hicks notes one key takeaway is former Vice President Joe Biden’s 10% lead among democratic voters. Back in October, Biden averaged 21% of supporters. That number has increased to 24% in just a short time.

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have been neck and neck in the race, with Warren earning 14% and Sanders earning 13% of support. Lawyer Nicholas Hicks notes that all other democratic candidates have fallen short in the race with single-digit backing from New York Democrats. The people are narrowing in on their top choices, which means the pressure is on for these candidates moving forward.

Despite the recent struggles in Biden’s candidacy, he has managed to remain at the forefront. His poll numbers weren’t promising in Iowa, and his son has been in the spotlight surrounding President Donald Trump’s impeachment due to his role as a board member for a Ukrainian company. Still, 35% of Democratic voters think he has the best chance of winning against Donald Trump in the next election.

The Siena Poll also got data in regards to support for the impeachment of Donald Trump with an equal amount of democrats supporting and not supporting the movement. Lawyer Nicholas Hicks explains that up until this past month, independents have been equally divided on the issue as well. Now, 59% are against the president’s impeachment and removal from office.

 New York has long been a Democratic-majority state. It should come as no surprise to find that Trump remains unpopular, with 65% of voters having an unfavorable opinion. Lawyer Nicholas Hicks notes that Donald Trump recently moved from New York to Florida and officially changed his primary address of residence.

New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, saw a decline in his popularity rating. Results show that 49% of voters do not like him. In October, results for Cuomo were more promising, with a 49% favorable rating. Additionally. Lawyer Nicholas Hicks reveals that Cuomo’s job performance rating also dropped from 41% to the current rate of 35%.

These results are all based on a poll of 797 registered voters in New York. The survey was conducted between November 12th and November 18th. Lawyer Nicholas Hicks notes that the poll has a margin error of 4%.

About Attorney Nicholas Hicks:

Starting from an early age, Nicholas Hicks was rescued from NYC foster care at the age of 5 years old. Nicholas Hicks attended both public and private schools where he eventually graduated from ECC, UB & UB Law School.

Attorney Nicholas W. Hicks

New York Campaign Disclosure Law Explained by Attorney Nicholas Hicks

A new law is approved in New York that will shed some light on political spending, attorney Nicholas Hicks explains. 

A new measure was recently approved by Governor Andrew Cuomo, which will significantly impact political campaigns in New York during upcoming elections. The action will require a “paid for by” disclaimer on all print, digital, display, and auditory ads. Attorney Nicholas Hicks explains that campaign committees and candidates can no longer hide where their funds are coming from, which is a huge victory for New York voters. 

Although this measure is new, it aligns well with other campaign advertising disclosure rules by the federal government. Attorney Nicholas Hicks notes that this measure also helps end the issue of anonymous mailings during political campaign seasons. Voters deserve to know where the information is coming from so they can make more accurate decisions at the polls. 

Another significant concern in upcoming elections is the use of Social Media platforms, such as Facebook, to spread false political information to the masses. Attorney Nicholas Hicks explains that the new measure builds on a 2018 law that cracks down on digital communication regulations by independent expenditure groups. Governor Andrew Cuomo sees the new legislation as an opportunity to further expand on counteracting all the anonymous political spending in New York races so that more people can be better informed. 

The new legislation was sponsored by Senator James Skoufis and Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski. Both politicians are Democrats representing the Hudson Valley districts. 

“Voters deserve full transparency when it comes to political communications – and now, finally, they’ll get it,” said Skoufis, who has been targeted by anonymous political ads in the past. 

“As someone who was previously targeted by anonymous campaign mailers and robocalls, I know first-hand the confusion caused by these deceptive practices, especially when messages come from seemingly legitimate sources with no ‘paid for by’ disclaimer,” said Skoufis. “We all have a right to vote in honest and fair elections, and this new law is a significant step forward.” 

Attorney Nicholas Hicks believes that the new measure will help to bring clarity to companies and private parties that are genuinely supporting candidates. By bringing these previously unknown supporters to light, voters can get a better look at any possible hidden agendas. 

About Attorney Nicholas Hicks: 

Starting from an early age, Nicholas Hicks was rescued from NYC foster care at the age of 5 years old. Nicholas Hicks attended both public and private schools where he eventually graduated from ECC, UB & UB Law School. 

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Nicholas Hicks Explains How New York Is Addressing the Opioid Crisis

Lawyer Nicholas Hicks reveals how New York legislation plans to better track opioid-related deaths.

On November 5th, 2019, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York approved new legislation requiring death certificates to label the specific opioids involved. Lawyer Nicholas Hicks of New York explains that the measure will help public health officials track opioid use and better address the ongoing opioid crisis in their state.

Before this legislation, if a person died from an opioid overdose, there was no requirement for medical practitioners to list which opioids were the cause of death. Lawyer Nicholas Hicks notes that the new legislation has been put into effect immediately.

The information will allow officials to have a better understanding of which communities are most at risk for opioid addiction and overdose. Lawyer Nicholas Hicks explains that once at-risk communities are detected, officials will be able to provide resources for substance abuse prevention. Officials can also use location to track the spread of drugs.

Additionally, it will help officials determine which drugs are the most deadly. Surrounding hospitals and medical facilities benefit from knowing this information, so they are prepared for potential emergencies. Lawyer Nicholas Hicks notes that once drugs are pinpointed, more effective treatment strategies can be put into place across a wide range of fields.

“New York has taken the most aggressive actions to combat the opioid crisis of any other state in the country,” Cuomo said. “This common sense law will go to great lengths to ensure we have the most accurate information to be able to stop this public health scourge once and for all.”

In 2018, it was estimated that more than 47,000 people in the United States died from opioid overdoses alone.  Street drugs like heroin are not solely to blame. Approximately 10 million people misused prescription opioids in the United States in 2018.

The consequences of opioid abuse are devastating to families and communities. In addition to its strain on public health, the crisis also strains the economy and threatens our national security.  Unfortunately, some people turn from prescription pain killers to street heroin and fentanyl.

New York lawmakers are being  citizens and communities across the State for their immediate action in addressing the ongoing opioid crisis. 

About Attorney Nicholas Hicks:

Starting from an early age, Nicholas Hicks was rescued from NYC foster care at the age of 5 years old. Nicholas Hicks attended both public and private schools where he eventually graduated from ECC, UB & UB Law School.


Nicholas Hicks Explains Proposed New York Bill for Prisoners to Vote

New York attorney Nicholas Hicks weighs in on new legislation that would allow inmates to vote while serving time.

Felons across the United States are mostly ineligible to vote. Depending on state policy, that right can be lost permanently. In other instances, attorney Nicholas Hicks explains that the right to vote can be restored after successfully completing time served and all other requirements.

Currently, only two US states allow incarcerated felons to vote, Maine and Vermont. Other states allow some prisoners to vote depending on their convictions, including Mississippi, Alaska, and Alabama. According to attorney Nicholas Hicks, New York may be next to offer prisoners their voting rights.

The legislation was introduced to the New York Senate on Wednesday, October 30th, 2019. The bill, sponsored by Senator Kevin Parker, would allow inmates residing in New York prisons to vote. New York lawmakers have previously been working on expanding the rights of the formerly incarcerated. However, this new bill would push things a step further. Attorney Nicholas Hicks notes that thousands of imprisoned people would be affected.

Some argue that since inmates are counted in the community census, they should be allowed to have a say in who represents them in elected office. Others say that voting is an earned right for people who follow community laws and are a contributing member to society. The topic has long been controversial and remains relevant in politics for many states.

The future of this bill remains unclear for now. The Democratic-controlled Assembly does not need a matching, or “same as,” bill to establish full passage. Although just introduced, the topic is already gaining traction among New York media and news outlets.

One major drawback to allowing prisoners to vote is their lack of information on political candidates. Many are unable to watch the news or read about the issues each candidate believes in. Even with this setback, many people believe in bringing about change to the prison system.

In recent months, lawmakers have passed other legislation surrounding criminal justice. One focus is to reduce recidivism and lower total population count in New York prisons. Governor Andrew Cuomo has also been working diligently for years, seeking out the closure of numerous prisons due to population decline. Another bill introduced at the beginning of 2019 would have allowed former prisoners to serve on juries.

About Attorney Nicholas Hicks:

Starting from an early age, Nicholas Hicks was rescued from NYC foster care at the age of 5 years old. Nicholas Hicks attended both public and private schools where he eventually graduated from ECC, UB & UB Law School.